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The sculptures presented are expressions of the essence of nature. An autonomous nature, with its own rules, always changing, so fragile, beautiful and yet brutal. It is the archaic force of evolution, in a state of permanent transformation.

Organisms with their own life, which are revealed in a process of dialogue between the entropic and reason/technique. Expressions extracted from nature. Moments petrified in their three-dimensionality through goldsmithing techniques.

We propose an unbridled manifestation of reality and matter from which forms emanate that evoke and invoke the primal power of nature. The purpose of this work is to explore the formal limits of the organic/natural world, thus transgressing the borders of sculpture.


Hugo Bruce
Artist involved


Thanks to the work of Hugo Bruce I discovered a new world of organic existence.

His sculpture takes me to the 19th century, to  the jungles, forests and rivers of Latin America that traveling artists such as Ferdinand Bellermann and August Morisot  captured in their impressions  of  virgin, sublime and enchanted nature.

Since I saw his work for the first time I decided I wanted to live with Hugo's work to lose myself in his mysterious world. 

   Tiqui Atencio
 Collector involved
(Acquisitions advisor at the Guggenheim in New York and the Tate Modern in London)



Halfway between abstract expressionism, alien goldsmithing and rhizome of the underworld, Hugo Bruce has managed to synthesize in works full of ambiguity a language that connects psyche, nature and artifice.

A real wild neutron bomb, don't miss it.

Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart
Gallery owner involved

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