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Bad Times

Ben Callaway


Bad Times is an exhibition of recent work by Ben Callaway, which continues his interrogation of images. Originating from photographs of spiritualism, clipart, patterns and nature, the process of painting and the surface of the canvas is foregrounded. Some of the paintings look as if they are on the verge of being painted out, whilst others appear to be painted in. By undermining the original source material a relationship develops between the work, which paradoxically suggests both depth and impenetrability. Using a modest scale, notions of monumentality are evaded and an underlying ambiguity pervades the paintings. 

Born in 1978 Ben Callaway studied fine art at Goldsmiths College and the Slade School of Art. Selected Exhibitions: Screeners II, Selected by Chis Sharp, Helena Anrather Gallery, New York 2020. Coleccion Cerradura, Espacio Valverde, Madrid 2019. The Day Off, Espacio Valverde, Madrid 2018. Zero Budget Biennial, curated by Chris Sharp, Carlos Cadenas, Paris, Galleria Pianissimo, Milan, Rokeby, London and Klemm's Gallery, Berlin, 2010. Between Fact and Fiction, Projectesd, Barcelona 2007. Video Work, Culturgest, Lisbon, curated by Miguel Wansdchneider 2006. Fresh Moves UK, New Moving Images published by Thames and Hudson, 2006. Double Lunar Dogs, Whitechapel Gallery, London, curated by Stuart Comer (MOMA) 2005.

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